Brilliant singer Prem Lopchan is well known and do not require any introduction. There are more than 5000 songs that he recorded and released till date. And recently he has added a new extremely playful dancing track to his records. This new song titled “Kukhura Ko Bhale Le” comes in folk tune and folk instruments fused together with western instruments, altogether making it a rocking folk dance song.

This song is written by Jayananda Lama and sung by Prem Lopchan and Subash Moktan. Music for this awesome track is arranged by Chaand Singh. The music video for this dancing song with lots of artists in there, it is directed by Sonam Pakhrin. Dance choreography is done by Sagar Lopchan. Popular models/artists Urmila Gurung and Sagar Lopchan himslef have been featured in the music video. Other artists featured in the video are Zerox Chaudhary, Bikram Lama, Vivek Gajmer, Sagar Basnet, Manita Shahi Thakuri, Ikshya Adhikari, Milan Raut, Upendra Khadka and beautiful child artist Priska Rajaure.

Utsav Dahal is an award winning cinematographer who has also contributed his skills in the making of this ground breaking production. Post production for the video is done my Sushil Neupane.

Talking about the story carried by this music video, prime artist Sagar Lopchan is shown as gentle village guy who is trying to impress and propose Urmila Gurung. He also promises to gift all what he has got for her acceptance. All the stuffs are presented with humor and in very playful way so that audience can keep smiling throughout the video. Direction and acts are up to the mark. Moreover we can see two men dressed up as cocks who mimic words in the song and add further more creative humor in the plot.
Go watch for yourself. Click the video link below.


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