Whether it was peer pressure or sheer FOMO we can’t tell, but Aamir Khan is finally on Instagram. We obviously quickly hit the follow button as soon as we came to know—so did 220k other people—even though there wasn’t a single picture for the longest time. We waited patiently for our feed to flood with pictures from the new Khan on the block!

He shortly made his first appearance and uploaded some vague pictures, all with the same caption. We reckoned he was trying to create a photo collage and were quite impressed with the attempt. But then, he did something unusual. He deleted all the pictures, and started all over with a different set of pictures making another collage.

We’re sitting here, absolutely clueless about whether Khan is doing this on purpose attempting to set a trend of sorts, or whether he’s just acting his age and trying to figure out how Instagram really works. Khan had a lovely collage of himself with his son and puppy.

And the one that preceded this collage was a vintage photo of his mother.

The latest collage of Khan with a bunch of students from a school in a village in Zakhangaon. Notice how he’s following absolutely nobody? #LikeABoss

Can’t wait to see what will hit our news feed next!


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