Since *NSYNC broke the hearts of a large number of teenager young ladies wherever by going their different ways and endeavoring solo melodic professions (no less than a couple of them, in any case), Justin Timberlake has dropped the absolute most effective pop and R&B tunes of the previous a very long while. He’s sold a large number of collections, gathered many platinum plaques, won more than what’s coming to him of GRAMMYs, and he’s succeeded more frequently than he’s fizzled. Nine of the 17 tunes he’s advanced as singles from his collections—which is the criteria we’re utilizing for a Justin Timberlake single—have achieved the best 10 in the U.S., and he’s transformed a few of those into diagram toppers.

Things being what they are, which JT tunes are the best, and which ones essentially don’t hold up? Here’s our complete positioning of the considerable number of singles spun off of the artist’s four solo collections.


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